IN Tune: Analyzing Climate Change Risk for US REITs
18 novembre 2022

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In this edition of our IN Tune podcast, we sit down with Doug Morrow and Juan Sanabria from BMO’s equity research team to discuss the key findings from their recent note on climate change impacts on US real estate companies. Doug and Juan have analyzed the exposure of 70 US REITs to physical climate risk for their US assets in the "new normal" with ever-increasing billion-dollar climate and weather disasters. They believe that REITs will increasingly have to execute strategies in an environment that is likely to be warmer, and punctuated by more extreme weather events with insurance costs likely to further increase, and in some cases, insurance coverage availability questionable. For investors, given the increased frequency of climate events, associated costs may no longer be treated as one-time, but instead be viewed as part of doing business with significant variance by REITs, but not necessarily across sub-sectors.


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